Our wide-ranging services perfectly cover the interiors and exteriors of any property type. Some of the areas we wrap are as follows.

  • Exterior Waterproofing Services:
  1. Rooftops: Exterior waterproofing is the most important thing to do while constructing a new place for living. This is essential than interiors because the inner will remain safe if the outer is protected. We apply a special coat over the roofs so that moisture does not pass through it.
  2. Cracks & Holes: You might have seen the cracks on the walls after a certain period. The moisture gets inside from these cracks or holes and spoils the beauty from inside. Gel Water Proofers know how to fill these cracks without doing any further damage. 
  • Interior Waterproofing Services¬†
  1. Foundation Waterproofing: Water leaking and dampness can be easily seen inside the basements. The basements have wet soil all around which makes things more peculiar. We waterproof the foundation walls and basements with imported material so that no moisture passes through it.
  2. Dripping Taps or Pipes: The pipes get busted after a certain pressure exceeds. This usually happens because of the pipe blocking or some cheap quality material used in plumbing. We clear out the blockage without damaging the property and install high-quality taps and pipes at affordable prices. 


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